Councilmember Debora Juarez’s Statement on Lake City Business Center Fire

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Councilmember Debora Juarez (District 5, North Seattle) learned that Seattle Police with Seattle Fire responded on the evening of Dec. 28 to a possible burglary that turned into a large fire late Monday evening, destroying several businesses in the Lake City neighborhood. As a resident of the neighborhood, Councilmember Debora Juarez visited the site of the fire to speak with investigators.

Seattle Fire Investigators have determined that the suspects intentionally started the fire. The 2-alarm fire destroyed several businesses at NE 127th St., and Seattle Fire estimates the loss is about $2.7 million. Seattle Police Arson and Bomb Squad will follow up to investigate, and the suspects are still outstanding. Anyone with information should call Seattle Police.

The Office of Economic Development and the Office of Emergency Management are working with business owners to pursue local, state, and national support and assist businesses filing insurance claims. Councilmember Juarez’s office is coordinating with the Department of Constructions and Inspections to provide architectural drawings to investigators so they can safely examine the property. 

“I’m grateful for our firefighters at Station 39, and all 84 firefighters and police officers for their quick response,” said Councilmember Juarez. “This was a great tragedy for the Lake City neighborhood, but I’m thankful there was no injury or loss of life.”

The Lake City community started planning a fundraising effort on behalf of the businesses destroyed by the fire. More information will be available soon.