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Annual Budget Process with City Council; reviewing, amending, and adopting by December 2020 (for 2021)

While budget season officially kicked off Tuesday, September 29, 2020 when Mayor Durkan transmitted her budget proposal for 2021, City Hall has been working on this budget for months, with each of the mayor’s department heads and her budget office determining how best to invest tax dollars for Seattle. Now that the Mayor has crafted and submitted to City Council a balanced budget proposal, we have two months to review, obtain input, amend, and adopt a balanced budget for 2021. As is typical across the nation, our city MUST adopt a budget that is balanced and Washington State law requires that we accomplish this by the first Monday in December (though traditionally City Councils strive to complete their work before Thanksgiving).


  • City Budget Office website, CLICK HERE.
  • Operating Budget as proposed by Mayor Durkan for 2021, CLICK HERE.
  • Capital Improvement Program (budget) proposed by Mayor Durkan for 2021-2026, CLICK HERE.
  • Mayor’s press release and video speech when transmitting her budget proposal, CLICK HERE.
  • City Council Budget Committee website, CLICK HERE.

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