Expanding Mass Transit Efficiently and Greenly

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I believe it’s vital to preserve and expand our public mass transit systems to move the most people in the most efficient and greenest ways possible. This past year, I heard this loud and clear from residents across District 4 who are eager to ride transit, but need help with that first/last mile or want more frequent and better coordinated bus service (such as getting buses to fit on Brooklyn Ave for the upcoming light rail station in the U District). In 2014, city voters boosted funding for our Seattle Transportation Benefit District (STBD) to increase transit in our city — and this important source of transit dollars is up for renewal next year. Our Seattle Department of Transportation briefed the City Council Transportation Committee yesterday and I’d like to share their STBD update with you here.

It was also Councilmember Mike O’Brien’s last time chairing the Committee and many well-wishers attended to thank him for his many years of focused leadership. Several other important items were discussed during the Committee where we heard from the Transit Riders Union and others. Here’s the link to the agenda.