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Councilmember Pedersen issued the following statement on recent events impacting homelessness: “After conferring with stakeholders from all sides (the nonprofit LIHI, several neighbors living in the tiny home structures, the Mayor’s Office, our Human Services Department, the Wallingford Community Council, and nearby businesses), I’d like to convey relief that an agreement has been worked out regarding the Northlake Tiny Home Village in our District 4. Wallingford neighborhood leaders should be commended for being so welcoming of the village.”

“Our compassion about our regional homelessness crisis also requires that we get results. The contract dispute about housing approximately 20 individuals in temporary structures was unfortunate because it not only created anxiety, but also jeopardizes the concept of tiny home villages — which have enjoyed improved results in some cases. I’ve been on the job for less than a week, so I look forward to making sure the city invests tax dollars wisely to fund frequent, competent, and caring case management that achieves our ultimate goal: get people into permanent homes. This reminds us of the urgency to approve a regional authority for homelessness that focuses on best practices proven to work — as recently articulated by our Mayor Jenny Durkan: