Councilmember Mosqueda’s Statement on Election Night Victories

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Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda (Position 8, Citywide), Chair of the Council’s Housing, Health, Energy and Workers’ Rights Committee, issued the following statement on Election Night:

“Tonight’s election marks the end of one very important chapter in our City’s history and the beginning of the next. Voters tonight sent a clear message about who Seattle is for: the working families who struggle with rent, childcare, and time for their families. Tonight’s election is an affirmation that Seattlites believe in lifting up the voices of women, of workers, organized labor, small businesses, communities of color, the faith community, and immigrants and refugees everywhere in their fight for justice for us all.  

“When I was first elected two years ago this November, I was the first, first-time candidate to win elected office using Seattle’s first-of-a-kind Democracy Voucher program.  That’s not the case today. With record numbers of candidates in City Council races, most of whom opted into a public financing system, I’m heartened to know our City is committed to using the people-powered approach to local elections and choosing leadership, rather than letting our city become diluted by big money. Seattle showed up today and delivered a clear message: agree or disagree with a policy, it will be Seattle residents who decide our path forward.

“In a city like no other, a city on a national stage, we have reached a critical moment in how we decide to move forward.  We can choose to retreat to our respective corners, or we can choose to work together, to find shared principles and common ground in our struggle and advance the cause for greater equity for all of Seattle.  At a time when our nation is defined by what divides us, we can serve as an example, and unite around our progressive values in our mission to make Seattle a better place for everyone.  

“To my future colleagues, I welcome you to this incredible team and I am honored that you have worked so hard to join us in this fight. I hope you will stand with us in our commitment to share greater prosperity, and stay true to that commitment and to the values that make Seattle the city we call home. Let’s continue the fight – starting tonight – for that future and work collaboratively to build a more equitable Seattle for us all.”