Councilmember Mosqueda Reacts to WA L&I Overtime Rules

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Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda (Position 8, Citywide), chair of the Housing, Health, Energy and Workers’ Rights Committee, issued the following statement applauding proposed Overtime Rules announced by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, proposing to extend overtime protections to those making up to 2.5 times the state minimum wage:

“Thank you to the Washington Department of Labor & Industries for setting the nation’s highest overtime thresholds, continuing a trend of Seattle and Washington State leading the way on labor protections for those who make our state and economy thrive,” said Mosqueda.

“Workers across this country have been working longer hours for zero additional pay, resulting in negative health impacts ranging from exhaustion, to depression, to cardio-vascular disease.  Today’s announcement restores balance to the lives of working families across the state who will soon have the time off they need to pursue educational advancement, spend time with their families, or enjoy our parks and waterfront. If workers are asked to put in extra work, they’ll soon be compensated for their time. I look forward to working with our local non-profits to ensure they have the resources and support they need to make this rule a reality.”