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Congratulations to the more than 600 community members who’ve signed our petition to bring back the Central District US Post Office. And also congratulations to the 80+ people who attended Thursday night’s community meeting with US Postal Service officials – retirees, working people from our African-American, Asian and LGBTQ communities, postal workers union members, young people, small business owners.

The postal officials heard from us loud and clear: Central District residents demand a new Post Office to replace the one at 23rd and Union that was closed in December.

This Africantown Seattle Podcast, #TheCheckIn, points out, as many of you have done, that the loss of our Post Office is another shameful step in the gentrification of our historically people of color working-class community. The community that needs the Post Office is the same one that is struggling to hold on to affordable housing. Working-class homeowners and renters both bear the brunt of the deeply regressive taxation, and pay for the profits of the real estate elite by either being rent-burdened or economically evicted out of the city, and more often now, into homelessness.

Both affordable housing and public services have been under assault. As the Seattle Times noted, postal officials initially had no immediate plans to open a new Post Office, when the Central District’s 23rd and Union facility closed in December.

But we organized, and now, thanks to community activism, it’s looking more likely that we’ll be getting a new Post Office. On Thursday night, the postal officials said they’re identified two potential locations – at 23rd and Union, in what is now the Electric Lady Bike Shop across the street from the old Post Office, and at 34th and Union in Madrona.

The postal officials said they will now take 30 days of public comment before deciding on which location to lease. Then, they said, it could take up to another 6-7 months to build out the space so it is ready to open as a Post Office.

I agree with you that such a timeline is too long. That’s why I fully support the demands that many of you made on Thursday night to have the US Postal Service immediately bring in a mobile postal unit and set up drive-up post office drop-boxes. My Council office will ensure that the City is working with the Postal Service to get these interim measures implemented immediately. I also encourage you to patronize The Postman at MLK and Union, the locally-owned small business operated by Keanna and D’Vonne Pickett.

My office will urge the Postal Service to take quick action after the public comment period. But we need your help to win our new Post Office!
First, sign our petition demanding a new Central District Post office.
And second, write to the US Postal Service and tell them:

•It’s unacceptable that our community be left without a US Post Office. The loss of our Central District Post Office is yet another sign of displacement and gentrification. Our public services matter!

•We demand a new Central District Post Office now!

•Immediately, the Postal Service should bring its mobile Post Office to the Central District, and in addition should set up drive-up mail drop-boxes in our neighborhoods.

You can write a letter to:
U.S. Postal Service
Attn: Greg Shelton-East Union
200 E Kentucky Ave
Denver CO 80209-9950

Or, you can fill out this form and we will submit it as a letter to the Postal Service.

In solidarity,

Kshama Sawant