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Council President Bruce Harrell (District 2, South Seattle) today announced Council’s selection of Abel Pacheco Jr. to fill the Council vacancy left by Councilmember Rob Johnson on April 5th in Northeast Seattle’s District 4.

Abel Pacheco Jr. joins the Council from the University of Washington’s Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) program as Director of Strategic Engagement. The MESA program is the state’s largest STEM diversity educational pathway program, increasing opportunities for students of color and young women in STEM. Pacheco brings a unique and diverse background, advocating for young people, people of color, immigrants, and other marginalized communities to the City Council.

• Abel Pacheco Jr.’s Application and Supporting Documentation

“Given the skills, qualities, characteristics and lived experience of Councilmember Pacheco, I believe the City will be well served in many areas, including planning and land use, through the end of this term,” said Harrell. “We would like to thank all the applicants who applied and many of the applicants displayed the desired background, skills, and experience. All of the applicants should be proud of their hard work over these last 20 plus days. Even for a short period of time, serving on Council is an important and challenging job, and we appreciate all the applicants’ willingness to serve the City.”

Pacheco Jr. assumed office immediately after accepting the position and taking the Oath of Office. Pacheco’s first Council Briefing and voting City Council meeting will be next Monday, April 29. The City Charter gives the City Council 20 calendar days to fill a vacant position. Council worked with the community to develop a Public Forum where community organizations and the public asked questions and engaged with the applicants. The Public Forum was held on April 15 with Council reaching out to approximately 35-40 community organizations. Fifteen community organizations submitted sixty-eight questions and approximately fourteen community organizations participated at the Public Forum. All applicants were required to participate at the Public Forum and appear before the Council at the Special City Council meeting on April 17 to be eligible for appointment (SMC 3.93.010.F).

“My Council colleagues and I ran an inclusive, transparent and efficient process for the position of District 4 Councilmember,” said Harrell. “All eleven qualified applicants were invited to the community-involved Public Forum and the Special City Council meeting on April 17 where all eleven applicants were provided the opportunity to formally present a 3-minute presentation and respond to questions from Councilmembers.”

Pacheco Jr. will serve as Councilmember in Position 4 until November 26, 2019, the date all election results are certified by King County Elections, and the newly elected Councilmember representing District 4 takes the oath of office.

For all applicable information, including applicants’ applications, community organizations questions, memos, and news release regarding the Council Vacancy process, please visit

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