Mosqueda: President’s Budget ‘Woefully Out of Touch’ With Reality for Working Families

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Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda (Position 8, Citywide), who is in Washington DC for meetings with the National League of Cities (NLC) National Housing Taskforce Members, with members of Congress, and with national thought leaders, issued the following statement from the nation’s capital in response to the release of President Trump’s budget earlier today:

“The President’s budget is woefully out of touch with the priorities of Seattle, Washington State and working families across the country. Rather than invest in working families and healthy communities, Trump’s budget harms immigrants, devastates housing infrastructure investments, and harms the our most vulnerable working families by slashing Medicaid and Medicare protections and reduces assistance by imposing mandatory work-requirements on millions of people who receive federal aid.  All the while suggesting that we pour $8.6B of taxpayer dollars into building 300 miles of a wall that no one wants and both Democrats and Republicans have said they won’t fund.

“The budget is widely seen as just a messaging document, and I applaud our congressional members who are working to fund local solutions to build housing, invest in our infrastructure, fund the Census, protect and expand healthcare, and invest in good living wage and green energy jobs. We stand with our congressional members in their effort to fully fund our crumbling infrastructure — such as sidewalks, bike lanes, roads and bridges; and, investments in all types of housing, especially for low income and homeless residents; and, also to make investments in robust funding for childcare and childcare providers.”

Councilmember Mosqueda is a member of the NLC’s Human Development Committee. She is pictured here speaking to the Committee about the need for assistance to help people addicted to opioids. (Photo credit: NLC)