Councilmember Herbold Celebrates District 1 Wins in 2019-2020 Budget

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Councilmember Lisa Herbold (District 1, West Seattle, South Park) released the following statement celebrating items secured in the budget that address District 1 needs:

“I regularly hold office hours in West Seattle and South Park to hear directly from District 1 constituents. Leading up to this year’s budget, I heard the needs of D1 related to addressing public safety, supporting vital community organizations and needed capital improvement projects,” said Councilmember Herbold.

“I fought hard to secure funding in this budget to increase public safety in D1, including funding to maintain a public safety coordinator for South Park, funding for RV Remediation, and enhancing and adding three inspectors to the Vacant Building Monitoring Program, so more vacant properties are monitored and don’t become public safety nuisances for the neighborhood. I heard from the community and secured $60,000 in funding for Concord Elementary’s Community Learning Center, Citizenship Program funding for Neighborhood House at High Point, funding to allow Colman Pool stay open for an additional 4 weekends a year.

“I want to thank D1 constituents for making their voices heard year round as well as during this budget process. I also want to thank my Council colleagues and Budget Chair Sally Bagshaw for a collaborative process and producing a budget that addresses our city’s most pressing needs.”



  • Adopted legislation to increase oversight for large capital projects, with enhanced reporting requirements, and use of the ‘stage-gate’ appropriation process for selected projects;
  • Legacy Business Program to designate and provide resources to one Legacy Business in each of the 7 Council Districts in 2019;
  • Civil legal aid to assist for indigent defendants in civil legal aid needs including, but not limited to, eviction prevention;
  • Utility Discount Program Statement of Legislative Intent to address enrollment barriers;
  • Adding an additional Animal Control Officer;
  • Move Levy spending plan stating Council’s intent to consider and approve SDOT’s revised spending plan before SDOT implements a new Move Levy Plan;
  • Funding to complete construction work at Town Hall;
  • A resolution to resolve the uncertainty created by the “Mutual Offsetting Benefit Leases” held by the Greenwood Senior Center, and Central Area Senior Centers, and Byrd Barr Place; and,
  • Transgender Economic Empowerment Program funding.


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