González’s Statement on SCOTUS Ruling to Uphold Travel Ban

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Councilmember M. Lorena González (Citywide, Pos. 9), Chair of the City Council’s Gender Equity, Safe Communities, New Americans and Education Committee, issued the following statement in response to today’s ruling by the Supreme Court to uphold Trump’s travel ban:

“Seattle was ground zero when the first travel ban went into effect, being the second city in the country to get an order from a judge to stop the deportation of two detainees, one from Sudan and another from Yemen.

“Seattle was successful in stopping that deportation, literally receiving the judge’s order as the boarding ramp pulled away from the plane. Following chaos at airports across the country when the travel ban went into effect, I introduced a resolution declaring Seattle a Welcoming City to all immigrants and refugees.

“Today, I stand by that resolution and our values.  As a constitutional and civil rights lawyer, I am horrified that a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court has affirmed President Trump’s Muslim travel ban.  This legal opinion fails to recognize President Trump’s true intention, which is to allow legal discrimination against an entire population of people based solely on their religion.

“Today is a dark and shameful  moment in our history and an aberration of the Country we must aspire to be.”


NOTE:  Councilmember Gonzalez will #StandWithMuslims on Tuesday (June 26) at 1:00 p.m. (PST) for a Day of Action at the U.S. Court House (LOCATION:  1010 5th Avenue in Seattle.)