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Seattle’s First Inspector General for Public Safety Confirmed

Monday’s Vote Will Formalize Nomination of Lisa A. Judge


Councilmember M. Lorena González (Position 9, Citywide), as Chair of the Gender Equity, Safe Communities, New Americans and Education committee, together with her committee colleagues, voted unanimously in support of the nomination and appointment of Lisa A. Judge as the City of Seattle’s first Inspector General for Public Safety (IG).  

The  Office of Inspector General for Public Safety is structurally located within the Legislature and subject to the City Council’s appointment and confirmation. Judge’s appointment will be voted on in Monday’s Full Council meeting.  

Inspired by the 2012 federal Consent Decree in United States of America v. City of Seattle, 12 Civ. 1282 (JLR), the Office of Inspector General for Public Safety was created by the full Council and representatives from the Office of the Mayor in May of 2017 as part of the City’s reformed civilian, police accountability framework.  The IG’s primary purpose is to provide systemic oversight of the management, practices, and policies of the Seattle Police Department and the Office of Police Accountability.

Judge brings more than two decades of service as the Legal Advisor to the Tucson Police Department to her work in Seattle. The focus of her work has been on innovations in interactions with people suffering with people in crisis, and overseeing officers prioritizing treatment over incarceration.

For a full resolution version of Lisa Judge’s headshot, click here.

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