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Council President Harrell’s Statement on the Passing of Rev. Dr. Samuel Berry McKinney

Council President Bruce A. Harrell (District 2 – South Seattle) released the following statement after receiving word of the passing of Rev. Dr. Samuel Berry McKinney:

“Seattle lost a great leader today with the passage of Rev. Dr. Samuel Berry McKinney.  I’ve always known Rev. McKinney as a person who uplifted others and worked tirelessly to advance the development of civil rights for every person, everywhere.

“He was a civil rights leader, as well as a minister at Seattle’s Mount Zion Baptist Church – a man who positively influenced all of Seattle. Just a few years ago, my Council colleagues and I honored him by recognizing 57 years of service to the church, the city and our community by proclaiming October 18, 2015 Rev. Dr. Samuel Berry McKinney Day.

“Rev. McKinney served at great sacrifice to himself and his family and went far beyond the call of duty to the residents of Seattle. His courage allowed others to draw enough strength to continue climbing toward the promise land where the scales of justice work equally for all.

“While Seattle has made undeniable progress during his life, in death Dr. McKinney will serve as a constant reminder that when confronting issues of race and social justice, securing gains on human rights and civil rights, requires constant vigilance, not complacency.”

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