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Teresa Tuesdays Video - 2017-12-12

The HHEwR Committee!
(pronounced her)

Yesterday my colleagues voted me to be the Chair of the Housing, Health, Energy, and Workers’ Rights (HHEWR) Committee. We will do important things together in 2018 to make Seattle a more affordable place to live and a healthier place for our families.

In my committee, we will work to create more affordable housing. We will be the voice demanding a focus on the public health impacts of our city’s policy proposals. With you, we will continue to work to protect all workers from discrimination, harassment, and wage theft, while ensuring the Office of Labor Standards has the resources necessary to do its job. And with a new CEO of City Light coming in, I’ll be working with the Mayor and community groups to ensure that our largest public utility is working to benefit everyone and our environment. Thank you to Council President Harrell for this opportunity.

Short Term Rentals

Yesterday Council voted on the Short-Term Rental (STR) legislation that was two years in the making. In an effort to ensure more housing remains on the market for working families, hearing concerns from residents of condo and apartment buildings of their homes being turned into de facto hotels (without the health and safety standards of a hotel), I cast my vote in favor of common sense regulations of the STR market in Seattle. Folks who rent out 1-2 units as an STR to help pay the bills can continue to do so, while ensuring that we preserve housing for the long-term rental market. I look forward to continuing to work with owners, renters, and communities on implementation of these new policies.

We are so energized by your messages of congratulations and your concerns. Please keep them coming. We’ll be volunteering at the North Helpline Food Bank on Thursday night. We’d love to see you there!

Happy Holidays,

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