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I fully support of the Heroin and Opioid Taskforce recommendations and appreciate all the work and time the Taskforce put into the report.

To reverse the opioid crisis, we must approach heroin and opioid addiction holistically, compassionately, through a public health lens and implement proven best practices.  This is exactly what the Heroin and Opioid Taskforce’s recommendations do.

Like every other major city in the US, the reality of our region’s opioid crisis is clear; however the services needed to address this health crisis are shockingly unavailable. As the report recommends, our city and county need to invest in prevention, treatment expansion, and user health.  Wrap-around, low-barrier services that offer access to buprenorphine and coordinate with mental health and primary care are keys to public health and public safety.

Laying out the recommendations was only an initial step.  It is now our responsibility as a city, county and community to fund and implement them.

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