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Bagshaw to Pursue Extreme Risk Protection Implementation Funds for Firearms

Fresh off the victory of Initiative 1491, allowing for court-approved Extreme Risk Protection Orders in Washington State, Councilmember Sally Bagshaw  unveiled a funding plan to implement the requirements locally. The Seattle City Attorney’s office will face an increased workload to implement the new requirements, along with current policies which require that domestic violence offenders surrender their firearms when they have protection orders issued against them.

“Last night’s tragic downtown mass shooting yet again reminds us the mountain we need to climb to ensure responsible gun ownership” said Councilmember Bagshaw (District 1, Pioneer Square to Magnolia). “Locally, we’re going to implement what over 70% of voters across the state demand, that is if a court finds you’re an extreme risk to yourself or others, you will forfeit your guns.”

Bagshaw will seek funds through the Council’s 2017 budget process to establish proper protocols and hire staff to prosecute high risk offenders violating extreme risk protection orders and firearm surrender orders. If an offender is not in compliance with the firearm surrender laws the prosecutor will need to effectively coordinate with police, courts, and social service providers to facilitate the surrender, draft search warrants for seizure and confirm compliance and prosecute non-compliance.

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