Councilmember Herbold’s Statement on Election Night Wins for Workers

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Councilmember Lisa Herbold issued the following statement after the passage of Initiative 124 (hotel workers), Sound Transit 3 (ST3/Light Rail), Initiative 1433 (statewide minimum wage, and paid sick & safe leave), and other electoral victories that serve to improve the quality of life for Seattle and Washington workers:

“Affordability in Seattle has never been more of a challenge, but tonight we can celebrate that our voters provided some needed relief for lower-wage workers by supporting issues and electing leaders who have our best interests in-mind and at-heart.

“The job security afforded by I-124 means that women and others working in the hospitality business can build better lives. Increased transit availability can reduce transportation costs, making overall living expenses lower for our communities that have too often been left out, or left behind. Raising the statewide minimum wage and providing sick leave will allow people throughout the State to improve their own conditions and to contribute to our economy.

“The disappointing national news regarding the Presidency, House of Representatives and Senate makes it all the more important to celebrate our local wins for working people.”