Happy International Women’s Day

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To all those that fight for the rights of women and girls throughout the city, state, nation and the world, I was pleased to sponsor a Seattle City Council proclamation declaring March 8, 2016 International Women’s Day.

I would like to give a special thank you to the Seattle Women’s Commission for partnering with my office to write the Seattle International Women’s Day Proclamation. Thanks to their work, and the support of my colleagues, Seattle joined other cities, counties and countries across the world that are also celebrating International Women’s Day today.IMG_20160307_141807

On this day we remember both the accomplishments and the fights still left to win. We are seeing women outpace men in attaining college degrees, but continue to be under-represented in leadership positions both in the private and public sectors. We are seeing unprecedented numbers of women running for elected office, however we continue to see women occupying far less than 50% of the seats at all levels government (with Seattle as one of the exceptions governing with a new female majority). We are seeing more and more women with access to healthcare, but we are still fighting for fair and untethered access to the whole range of reproductive care. We are seeing more women accomplishing their goals and being role models for younger generations, but we continue to see violence against women including street harassment and work place harassment which continues to be a daily occurrence for so many women. We are far from the conditions our ancestors fought, but we still have work to do for the next generations.

March 8th signifies the shared history, struggle and accomplishments of women all across the globe. While we are all very different and have very different experiences, we are all women. Thank you again for joining me today in celebration of International Women’s Day.