Sawant, Gender Justice League Celebrate Defeat of Transphobic Bill in State Legislature

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SEATTLE — Councilmember Kshama Sawant thanked the Gender Justice League and all activists who helped to defeat Senate Bill 6443 yesterday, a bill intended to roll back protections for transgender people. Sawant celebrated the historic victory for trans rights and the victory against bigotry in the Senate:

“Congratulations to the Gender Justice League, trans rights activists, and everyone who joined them in the hard fought, brilliantly organized fight to defeat transphobic legislation in the Washington State Senate yesterday. This victory demonstrates how we can successfully fight back against bigotry and injustice when we are organized.”

“I will be donating $500 from my solidarity fund to the Gender Justice League to help continue the struggle for full equality,” Sawant added. Sawant only takes home $40,000 of her $117,000 Council salary a year, dedicating the remaining $42,000 after taxes to a solidarity fund to support social movements.

Danni Askini of the Gender Justice League echoed Sawant’s congratulatory support for the grassroots organizers who defeated the bill:  “This victory is one that is shared by hundreds of transgender people, our families, and allies who mobilized across the state to defeat these harmful anti-trans bills.

“Gender Justice League and the more than 134 other organizations in the Washington Safe Alliance united thousands of people against these bills and mobilized people to share their stories and explain the true struggles transgender people face.

“The defeat of SB 6443 sends a clear signal from the grassroots, discrimination against transgender people has no place in Washington State. Our trans brothers and sisters are worthy of our love and protection and are not to be feared.”

“This is unfortunately not the last we will see of these vicious attacks against transgender people. There are still 5 bills active in the Washington State Legislature, and it will continue to take bold leadership and grassroots commitment to ensure all transgender people in Washington State can live their lives safely, true to themselves, and free from discrimination.”

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