Delta 5’s Victory ‘A win for the planet’

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Delta 5’s Victory ‘A win for the planet’

SEATTLE, Washington – Councilmember Mike O’Brien issued the following statement regarding today’s ruling in the Delta 5 case, in which five climate activists used civil disobedience to blockade a train transporting Bakken shale oil at the Delta rail yard in Everett. The jury in the case ruled the Delta 5 were not guilty of obstruction and will face no jail time. Earlier this week, Snohomish County Judge Anthony Howard allowed the Delta 5 to defend their civil disobedience using “necessary defense,” a justification that their actions were necessary to help stop climate change.

“Today’s victory for Delta 5 is uncommon, unprecedented, and further proof that the tide is turning. Together, they risked their lives on those tracks in an act of civil disobedience for the climate.”

“Congress has repeatedly chosen to ignore the threat of climate change, making direct action to fight climate change not only warranted but necessary. I will continue to do what I can personally and professionally to both regulate coal and oil trains here in Seattle and participate in the broader movement to fight climate change.”

“Abbey, Michael, Patrick, Jackie and Liz helped secure a win for the planet and are on the right side of history. Today I stand with the Delta 5 who, with today’s ruling, helped remind the world of the huge risks oil trains pose to our community.”

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