Council to host Public Hearing on SR 520 West-End Design

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Council to host Public Hearing on SR 520 West-End Design

SEATTLE – Council’s Transportation Committee will host a Public Hearing Wednesday evening to hear public feedback regarding Seattle’s goals for the proposed design of the west-end of the SR 520 bridge replacement project.  In July 2015, the Washington State Legislature approved funding for remainder of the 520 project.  Council is preparing to adopt a resolution which outlines the City of Seattle’s priorities and principles as the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) moves forward to finish design and begin construction on the West Side of the SR 520 bridge replacement project.

The resolution under consideration concurs with the 2015 Final Design Concept Report, which calls for a box girder style bridge including a bike and pedestrian path over Portage Bay, redesigned highway lids with a new land bridge, and multimodal connectivity improvements. The City is also asking WSDOT to consider an additional bike and pedestrian bridge across the Montlake Cut, transit priority enhancements, intelligent transportation system improvements (ITS), improved pedestrian safety at the Montlake interchange, and neighborhood traffic enhancements.

Each member of the public will have up to 2 minutes to address the committee, and public comment sign-up sheets will be available at 5:15 p.m.

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Council Public Hearing regarding the west-end design of the SR 520 Bridge

University Christian Church
4731 15th Ave NE, Seattle, 98105

Wednesday, September 16
5:30 p.m.

Seattle City Councilmembers

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