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The first meeting of the Select Committee on Housing Affordability, of which I am vice-chair, will be today, Monday, July 20, where the Council will receive a briefing on the entire Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) suite of recommendations. Once the Council has been briefed, we’ll create a work plan and schedule to prioritize the various recommendations.

My committee (CHAHSER) will meet in parallel with the Select Committee on Housing Affordability, and we will consider legislation that also fits into the housing affordability quilt.  Just prior to the HALA report release, CHAHSER received legislation on rent control and tenant protection.  I held this legislation in order to view it in the context of the HALA recommendations, and I will be scheduling these pieces – as well as the Multifamily Tax Exemption reauthorization (with potential policy changes) – in the August/September timeframe.

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