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photo 2Today I am excited to announce it was the grand opening of Artists at Play. This is a unique, interactive playground that children of all ages can enjoy at the Seattle Center. This playground includes a 35-foot Climb Tower, listening stations, sound swings, a colorful labyrinth and more. By many measures, this playground will prove a great benefit to Seattle. In particular, it will enrich the lives of both parents and their children. Parents will be able to bring their children to a safe and vibrant playground while children will have a creative and imaginative environment to play in. As an avid advocate for parks, I believe parks are essential in the health and happiness of our communities.

The Artists at Play project began its planning stages in late 2012. Center ART LLC, Seattle Center, and Seattle Center Fouphoto 4ndation formed an advisory team comprised of nine members who developed the vision for this park. Further, they were responsible for developing the artist and designer guidelines that gave this park its unique character. This team, however, did not do this alone. The advisory team sought input of residents and the ideas and suggestions from kids in our local communities. By many standards, this is a park which truly reflects the spirit and identity of our entire city.

Artists at Play will be an enjoyable place for Seattle’s families to visit. I am proud to be a part of the opening ceremony for this park and look forward to seeing how it will benefit our Seattle community. I encourage all families to visit Artists at Play and enjoy this unique facility with their children.