So Much to Do and So Little Time to Do It

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There is so much to do, and so little time to do it.

I want to find solutions to reduce the need to warehouse the homeless in shelters and truly make homelessness rare, brief and one time with my fellow committee members, with our regional partners, with the Human Services Department and our community based partners.  We need to address the conditions that lead to homelessness, and try new things.  I want to work to get the right services to the right people to help them off the streets in the downtown area.

I look forward to partnering to find and implement new funding tools to build more affordable housing for all spectrums of income.

It has been nearly a decade since we have analyzed the health conditions of our residents, yet we are spending $14m on health programs without knowing if our resources are directed to the most needed places.  I look forward to advocating for the health needs of our residents as fellow members of the King County Board of Health.

I want to take a harder look at the data we use in our results driven initiatives, to ensure we are capturing data at the subpopulation levels and targeting our resources to areas of greatest need.

“…These are ambitious goals for the next 8 months, I know.  But the people of Seattle deserve real progress on all these fronts.  And the only way we can deliver is by working together collaboratively.”