New bus service coming to Seattle starting in June

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STBD unreliability improvementsOn Tuesday, February 16 the City Council will vote on an agreement with King County Metro to add 225,000 hours of new bus service in Seattle during 2015. The funding comes thanks to Seattle voters’ approval of Proposition 1 last year.

The increases will come online in June and September.

Service will be increased to reduce overcrowding, improve reliability and increase  frequency of service, for routes with more than 80% of their stops in Seattle. For other routes, a $3 million fund for regional partnerships is available to support service if other cities or transit agencies provide funding.

In addition, $4 million is reserved for a $20 rebate for low-income individuals for the vehicle license fee; $2 million is reserved to support access for low-income transit riders. Metro’s low-income fare begins in March.

You can click here to see lists of bus routes with more service, as well as maps.

More details about additions to specific bus routes are available beginning on page 14 of the funding agreement.

You can find background information on service policies and budget here.