Councilmember Licata Will Not Seek Re-Election

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Councilmember Licata Will Not Seek Re-Election

SEATTLE – Councilmember Nick Licata released the following statement regarding serving another term on the Seattle City Council:

“I’ve been lucky to have an exciting life filled with challenges taken on voluntarily, not out of hardship.

“Perhaps the greatest challenge we all face is the need to improve the lives of Americans who are seeing their future increasingly impeded by the outrageous growing concentration of wealth, and I would add power, in this nation.

“No one city can resolve this problem. But Seattle has done much in attempting to do so. I would like to play more of an active role in that effort. And see what I can do to have Seattle’s accomplishments duplicated elsewhere.

“I hope after my current term ends this year that I may have that opportunity in some capacity. So, I will not seek re-election.

“It’s a risky path to take.  But I know I could not pursue this effort while remaining on the City Council and still do justice to performing the duties of a councilmember.

“We have been in the national forefront in passing paid sick leave, increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour, beginning pre-school care program for all children, banning plastic bags, providing public space for homeless encampments, requiring police surveillance protocols, enforcing wage theft protections, protecting immigrant rights and requiring safer renters’ housing conditions.

“All were made possible through a partnership between elected representatives and the people we serve.

“From visiting cities across the country, I’ve seen that we all share common issues. I have been intrigued by the challenge of creating a national network of elected officials and community activists to share and spread progressive and responsive legislation to tackle them.

“However I’ll remain an active citizen, continuing to work with those – both outside and inside government to make Seattle, as always, a better place to live and work.”

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