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Proposed U District Business Improvement Area

Map of Proposed University District BIA

On Wednesday the Finance and Culture committee discussed a proposal to create a new Business Improvement Area (BIA) in the University District, and approved three resolutions to initiative consideration of the BIA.

BIAs are authorized under section RCW 35.87A of state law, which allows for the establishment of special assessments within an area, if those responsible for 60% of assessments sign a petition supporting the BIA.

The University District BIA is proposed by the U District Partnership, which began planning and meeting re: the BIA in 2012.

The BIA boundaries would run from Portage Bay in the south to Ravenna Boulevard in the north, and east-west from 15th Avenue NE to I-5. Separate cleaning areas in the north and south would pay an additional assessment. Under the proposal, a smaller BIA established in 1996 would be dissolved. You can view the proposed boundaries on the map to the right.

The new BIA is proposed to last five years; the current BIA has no time limitation.

The three resolutions the committee approved do the following:

Resolution 31563 initiates the formal process for Council consideration of the BIA, and describes the terms of the BIA. It notes the BIA would raise an estimated $3.9 million over its five year duration, describes the programs the funds would be used for, the assessment formula, and the boundaries.

Resolution 31564 declares the intent to disestablish the current, smaller BIA.

Resolution 31565 sets a date for a public hearing at 2 p.m. in the City Council Chambers on Wednesday, February 25, at the Finance and Culture Committee meeting.

These resolutions will be before the Full Council on Monday.

A fourth piece of legislation, Council Bill 118302, would need to be passed to formally create the new BIA, and dissolve the current BIA. This bill will be the subject of the public hearing.

If the Full Council passes the resolutions, the Finance and Culture committee will discuss the proposal on February 25 after the hearing. Another discussion would take place in committee on Friday, March 6 at 2 p.m. That is the earliest date the committee could vote.

For more information you can view the presentation by the University District Partnership, and the Council Central staff memo.

The presentation and discussion can be viewed at the Seattle Channel.