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Legislation approved by the Seattle City Council on October 22, 2014, and filed with the City Clerk

Scanned copies of the signed legislation are available in the database records linked below:

Res. 31552

A RESOLUTION relating to contracting indebtedness; confirming, ratifying and approving certain terms of the issuance and sale of The City of Seattle, Washing ton, Municipal Light and Power Improvement and Refunding Revenue Bonds, 2014, for the purposes set forth in Ordinance 124336 and in Ordinance 121941 (as amended by Ordinance 1 22838 and amended and restated by Ordinance 124335); confirming, ratifying and a pproving actions taken and to be taken to provide for the refunding of certain o utstanding bonds of the Light System of the City; and confirming, ratifying and approving action taken and to be taken by the Dire ctor of Finance and other City officials relating to the issuance and sale of th e bonds to the purchaser thereof.

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