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This past Monday, on November 24th, the Seattle Park District, consisting of all nine Seattle City Councilmembers, approved Seattle Park District Resolution 4, adopting its 2015 Seattle Park District Budget.

The budget authorizes a total of $10,008,000, which is to be borrowed from the City until property tax revenues generated by the voter-approved Seattle Park District ballot measure can begin to be utilized in 2016.

Photo by Roy Patrick Tan

View from Gasworks Park. Photo by Roy Patrick Tan.

For 2015, the loan of $10,008,000 is to be spent on the following:

$3,946,800 for Fix It First, funding major maintenance, urban restoration, and park and facility rehabilitation and improvements at the Parks Department, the Seattle Aquarium and Woodland Park Zoo.

$2,917,970 for maintaining parks and facilities in the Parks Department.

$2,236,900 for Programs for People, funding recreation programs, and access to programs, in the Parks Department.

$906,330 for Building for the Future, funding the development of new parks, acquiring new park land, and building new assets.

You can learn more about these expenditures on the meeting’s agenda, here.

The Revised Code of Washington, chapter 35.61.180, provides that the county treasurer shall be the ex officio treasurer of a metropolitan park district, unless, with the approval of the county treasurer, the district designates someone else who has experience in financial or fiscal affairs to act as the district treasurer.

With the approval of the King County Treasurer, the Seattle Park District voted to appoint City of Seattle Director of Finance, Glen Lee, as its treasurer. Mr. Lee remains Park District Treasurer as long as he is City of Seattle Director of Finance. A new resolution and concurrence by the King County Treasurer will be needed when the City appoints a new Director of Finance.

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