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GroupSeveral weeks ago my legislative aide and I joined students at Global Connections High School on their ride with the Cascade Bicycle Club’s Major Taylor Project.  I encourage you to check out their website to learn about this great program that encourages young people, particularly from diverse lower-income families, to embrace bicycling as a form of exercise, recreation, and transportation. Please also be sure to scroll down and read a description of the program in White Center, the YES Foundation of White Center.

The students we rode with were an energetic group who participate in this year-round development program. They learn about healthy living, road safety awareness, and the importance of working toward individual goals. These teens might not enjoy more traditional after-school activities, but with the Major Taylor Project they’ve found a place where they belong and are empowered to explore their surrounding neighborhoods and beyond.

Our group rode through SeaTac neighborhoods on a route that took us to Sea-Tac Airport and to a scary bicycle course with lots of ramps and jumps that I didn’t try.  We rode in SeaTac because of scheduling issues for the other rides in Seattle, but I hope to go on rides at Seattle schools with the Project soon. You can read more about our ride on the Cascade Bicycle Club blog.


As the City moves forward with implementing the Bicycle Master Plan passed by Council earlier this year, I hope to draw more attention to the education and safety programming in schools that is part of the Plan. We want to make sure all students know how to be safe bicyclists from a young age and to carry on those safe habits as they grow older.