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It’s fall.  Lots of trucks carrying stuff are heading back to school, and lots of leaves and yard debris are heading to the dump.

Please SECURE YOUR  LOADS when driving your truck.  It’s a crime not to.

Recently I have corresponded with Robin Abel who asked me to remind drivers that loaded trucks must be properly covered when on the roads.  She’s my hero.Robin Abel

Her beautiful daughter, Maria Federici was badly injured and blinded in 2004 by a piece of furniture falling off a U-Haul truck. With the help of the late Norm Maleng, Robin pursued legislation that became House Bill 1478, or “Maria’s Law,” a Washington state law that criminalized the failure to properly secure a load.

Robin has taken her fight to Washington DC and is being helped by Senator Patty Murray.

Tragic accidents like Maria’s can be avoided.  Cover your load.  A person who causes an injury or death by failing to secure a load in the state could be charged with a gross misdemeanor and faced with a year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Thanks for caring for each other.dump truck with loads