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I’ve always found art, if done right, to be pretty darn effective at activating parks. Seattle’s Department of Parks and Recreation has a long history of successfully placing art in our parks. People seem to love it.

This Summer, the Department of Parks and Recreation is collaborating with the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, the Alliance for Pioneer Square, The Metropolitan Improvement District, and the Downtown Seattle Association to bring interactive art installations, music concerts and a ton of other fun into Occidental Park in the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood.ArtSparksMaldives

Called ArtSparks, it runs from this month through to September, every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month.

See art such as “NO I IN SELF” by Tariqa Waters (who lives right across the street from the Tariqapark), which explores the cultural phenomena of digitally sharing ‘selfies’ and ‘hashtags’; hear chamber music by the Parnassus Project – emerging local pros playing music they love and providing audiences a fresh take on the classical concert-going experience; and rock out to an Out To Lunch performance by the revered alt-country band The Maldives.

Check out the full schedule, here.

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