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In Janurary, I blogged on the Office or Arts & Culture’s plans for instituting a Cultural Development Certification program.

On February 21st, my Legislative Aide Frank Video participated on a selection panel as my representative to recommend a consultant to produce a report on how to proceed in establishing such a program. The consultant would be paid a fee of $10,000.

A Cultural Development Certification program would be a first-of-its-kind certification. It would apply to commercial and mixed-use building projects within the City of Seattle, analogous to existing certifications such as LEED, and would be available to projects that provide for the inclusion of specific interior cultural space, such as galleries, museums, theaters, artists’ studios, offices for arts and culture organizations or other public or private cultural space.

The panel was assembled by Matthew Richter, with the Office of Arts & Culture and included, in addtion to Frank, Michael Siewerath, Seattle Arts Commission Chair and with Captol Hill Housing; Rebecca Morton, with Artspace; and Dennis Meier, with the City’s Department of Planning and Development.

culture-and-development-quoteThere were 5 applicants: Anne L. Corbett out of Washington, D.C.; Owen Richards and Katie Oman with ORA in Seattle; Seattle’s Rankin Consulting; Anne Gadwa Nicodemus of Metris Arts Consulting out of Pennsylvania; and Framework of Seattle.

The panel unanimously recommended Lesley Bain and Jenny Kempson of Framework, a Seattle firm. Matthew confirmed the panel’s recomendation.

Framework is expected to deliver their recommendations for implimenting the nation’s first Culural Development Certification program within 6 months or less.

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