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proposed bus service changesThe crisis in bus service funding I wrote about earlier this year has not been resolved. King County Metro continues to face an annual shortfall of $75 million beginning in mid-2014. If new funding is not attained, service will need to be cut at that time.

Metro released proposed service cuts in the event new funding is not attained. These cuts would eliminate up to 17% of current service, and affect over 80% of Metro’s routes. 74 routes would be eliminated.

You can click on here to see how your bus route would be affected.

The state legislature has been discussing a potential state transportation measure that could include local option funding for bus service, but has yet to send a bill to the Governor.

Earlier this week County Executive Constantine announced a Plan B if a statewide transportation package with local option for Metro isn’t approved. It would allow for an April, 2014 vote using existing Transportation Benefit District authority.

Seattle has stated clear support for sustainable funding for transit operations in its legislative priorities resolutions. Earlier this year the Council adopted a resolution approving the Climate Action Plan, which calls for a motor vehicle excise tax as part of the transportation and land use section. A Transportation Benefit District could include sales tax and a vehicle renewal fee.

KC Metro will hold public meetings on potential cuts in the absence of stable funding. Meetings are scheduled for West Seattle on December 3 at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, December 5th at North Seattle Community College, and December 10 at Union Station.

You can take a survey by clicking the Take our survey button on the Participate page.

Background on why cuts are necessary are available on Metro’s FAQ page.