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State to Begin Accepting Marijuana License Applications on November 18

I-502 in SeattleOn Monday November 18, the state Liquor Control Board will begin the next phase of implementing I-502, which legalized recreational marijuana in Washington State.

The Board will begin accepting applications for growers, sellers and processors. The application window will be open for 30 days.

The Liquor Control Board will determine whether a location complies with I-502; the City has no role in this process. The map in this post shows an estimate from August for where businesses can locate; most of the city is not available for recreational businesses.

Earlier, the Liquor Control Board allocated 61 retail licenses for King County, 21 of which are assigned to Seattle.  Locations must be at least 1,000 feet from schools, day care facilities, playgrounds, parks, and libraries.

The Liquor Control Board is not limiting the number of growers; however, it is limiting the total amount of marijuana produced.

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