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In our last Parks and Neighborhoods Committee meeting, we discussed the Large Projects Fund awardees of the Department of Neighborhoods’ Neighborhood Matching Fund. Councilmember Godden, Councilmember Rasmussen, and I are pleased to recommend passing this ordinance. It will appear before Full Council on Tuesday, September 3rd. Review the agenda for that meeting here.

The Department of Neighborhoods (DON) has recommended six projects for Large Projects Funding in 2013.

 North Trail Pre-Design Work

 Friends of Lower Kinnear Park propose to study the feasibility of a North Trail at Lower Kinnear Park. The hope is that a trail will provide more access to people interested in the park. Since the proposed trail is on a hill, the group plans to conduct a Slope Stabilization Study addressing concerns about the possibility of a slide and proper Stormwater drainage.

 Montlake Family Fitness

 Montlake Family Fitness applied to add a sport court and adult fitness equipment at the Montlake Community Center. With the playground and fields Montlake is a great place for kids and this addition will provide for adult fitness as well.  

 Madison Valley Neighborhood Landmark Construction

 The Madison Valley Community Council proposes the construction of a landmark at the triangle at East Madison St. and 28th Ave. East. The landmark will become a place for the neighborhood to gather and advertise community events.

 View Ridge Playground Project

 The View Ridge Elementary PTA will continue work on the playground at the school. The next phase will add a play and sport court, seating, and improved drainage. The goal is to increase play space and create a place for community gathering.

 Central Area Urban Gardeners

 The Central Area Urban Gardeners’ project focuses on educating kids in the community about food production and creating a space for community members to grow affordable, healthy, organic produce indoors year round. The New Hope Missionary Baptist Church will provide the space for the garden.

 Get Lifted: an Elevator for Washington Hall

 Washington Hall is a performance hall and gathering space in the Central District that was built in 1908. Historic Seattle proposes to build an elevator to offer better access to all community members. This project requires outreach, fundraising, and construction in respect of the history of the space.

 I look forward to seeing these projects progress. Congratulations to the awardees!

 Is the Large Projects Fund right for your community?

 The Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF) was created in 1988 to allow community members to identify their neighborhood’s needs and lead projects that satisfy those needs. The NMF Large Projects Fund awards up to $100,000 in funds that must be matched by the community in volunteer labor, donated materials, professional services, and/or cash. The community contribution is essential to the success of the NMF because it demonstrates the community’s commitment and interest in the project.

 Projects must:

  • Provide a public benefit and be free and open to all members of the public.
  • Emphasize self-help, with project ideas initiated, planned and implemented by the neighbors and community members who will themselves be impacted by the project
  • Demonstrate community match
  • Occur within the Seattle city limits

 Applicants must be:

  •  Neighborhood-based groups, community-based organizations, ad-hoc groups and business groups (such as chambers of commerce) who want to do a project to build stronger connections in their neighborhood.
  • Community groups that do not have a geographic base, such as a racial or ethnic group, GLBT groups, a disability community, etc.
  • Willing to attend a mandatory workshop and abide by the application guidelines.

 Have a smaller project? Read about NMF’s Small Sparks and Small and Simple Funds here.  I’m excited to see the 2014 projects!