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City Council statement on the passing of City leader, former State Legislator Kip Tokuda

City of Seattle

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City Council statement on the passing of City leader, former State Legislator Kip Tokuda

SeattleCity Council issued the following statement on the passing of City leader and former State Legislator Kip Tokuda:

“Kip Tokuda devoted his entire professional career to advancing the well-being of Washington’s children, and worked as a champion for families everywhere.

“Inspired by his own good fortune, Kip’s commitment to community, issues of social justice and looking out for our littlest learners was unmatched. He was known for doing what was right, and pursued policies, programs and budgets that unequivocally helped our City’s kids – and future generations – to flourish.

“As a legislator, Kip represented the 37th district, serving four terms in the House of Representatives, during which time he advocated for those with developmental disabilities and was paramount to the passage of a ‘Special Needs Adoption’ bill. As director of our City’s Human Services Department’s Family and Youth Services Division, Kip worked diligently to address the complicated issues surrounding homeless children, foster care and abuse prevention. More recently, he joined the Community Police Commission and partnered with Seattle Police to assist in the development of a more diverse officer recruitment process, a program of which he was quite proud.

“Kip will be missed, but his legacy will live on in the spirit of those inspired by his service to children and community.”

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