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Seattle City Council Introduction and Referral Calendar, June 3, 2013

1. C.B. 117795

AN ORDINANCE appropriating money to pay certain audited claims and ordering the payment thereof.
Committee referral: Full Council

2. C.B. 117796

AN ORDINANCE seeking to increase public safety and job assistance through reducing criminal recidivism and enhancing positive reentries to society by prohibiting certain adverse employment actions against individuals who have been arrested, convicted, or charged with a crime; and adding Chapter 14.17 to the Seattle Municipal Code.
Committee referral: Public Safety, Civil Rights, and Technology

3. C.B. 117797

AN ORDINANCE relating to the redevelopment of the Leschi House property at 1011 S. Weller St., which was developed with the proceeds of the City of Seattle’s bonds issued pursuant to Ordinance 110124; approving the long-term lease by the Seattle Housing Authority of the property and authorizing a fourth amendment to the Housing Cooperation Agreement made under Ordinance 110433, all in order to enable the financing with federal tax credits of the rehabilitation of existing housing and the construction of additional housing for low-income persons who are elderly or have disabilities; and ratifying and confirming prior acts.
Committee referral: Housing, Human Services, Health, and Culture

4. C.B. 117798

AN ORDINANCE related to the 2013 budget appropriation for the Human Services Department (HSD) Transitional Living and Support BCL; lifting a budget proviso to allow spending for outreach, engagement and case management services for families; and amending Ordinance 124058, which adopted the 2013 budget.
Committee referral: Housing, Human Services, Health, and Culture

5. C.B. 117799

AN ORDINANCE approving the extension of a Property Use and Development Agreement and a contract rezone approved by Ordinance 121164 for Seattle Housing Authority’s High Point Community Garden housing development located at 6550 — 32nd Avenue SW.
Committee referral: Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability

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