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Last week’s fatal collision between a bicyclist and a truck resulted in an outpouring of grief for the death of Lance David and sympathy for his family.  While we are not certain what led to the collision, I am determined to improve conditions on this route that will benefit bicyclists and motorists.    

This week I held a work session with SDOT staff.  We poured over a large map of the route to identify options for improvements.   I know this route, and I bicycle along this route to and from work when my meeting schedule permits.  It is very challenging because of the heavy traffic and the many and sometimes confusing crossings.  There are long stretches where the streets have been pulverized by the mammoth trucks going to and from the Port.  The conditions require extra caution on everyone’s part whether they bicycle or drive this route.

Please know that it did not take this heartbreaking fatality to bring attention for the need to improve this route.  Last fall the City Council increased the 2013 SDOT budget for bicycle improvements city-wide.  We specifically funded planning for improvements to portions of the West Seattle route to downtown.

During the next several weeks I will continue to work with SDOT and members of the community to develop a plan for improvements to the West Seattle – East Marginal Way bike corridor.  I am determined to implement those plans as soon as possible.

I would also like to share a video from AAA: Share The Road

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