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Councilmember Godden announces adoption of “No Child Without Water” legislation

City of Seattle

Councilmember Jean Godden

Councilmember Godden announces adoption of "No Child Without Water" legislation
No more water shut-offs to low-income homes with children

SeattleSeattle City Council today unanimously adopted the "No Child Without Water" legislation, expanding emergency bill payment assistance to prevent water shut-offs in low-income households with children.

Councilmember Godden’s proposal provides an emergency assistance credit twice every 12 months for qualifying households containing a minor.  This subsidy, costing an estimated $26,000 this year, will allow low-income households with minor children to avoid water shutoffs.

"This subsidy reflects Seattle’s commitment to protecting the health and safety of those in need.  We believe in offering a helping hand and making it possible to say that, in Seattle, there should be no child without water," said Councilmember Jean Godden, sponsor of the bill.

Under current law, a household eligible for the low-income Utility Discount Program (UDP) is eligible for an emergency assistance credit up to $340. Although a generous subsidy, it was insufficient for at least 68 low-income families with children.

Information about the Utility Discount Program is available here, or call 206-684-0268 to learn more.

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