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WhenBruteForceFailsWashington State has a new consultant to help implement the voter-approved marijuana legalization initiative, UCLA professor Mark Kleiman. Professor Kleiman is not a stranger to this area; a couple years ago he testified before the Seattle City Council and was one member of a team that worked with the City and State to pilot a new program for individuals under community supervision by the Department of Corrections. I’ve written about this program before and it has since expanded statewide.

One of his books, When Brute Force Fails: How to Have Less Crime and Less Punishment, details the idea that swift and certain sanctions reduce crime and incarceration more effectively when compared to the punishment model common in this country that delivers more severe punishments less consistently. It is a fascinating read. Or if you prefer to watch a video rather than pick up a book, you can check out his presentation to a crowded Town Hall audience.