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In 2012 I announced a set of priorities for my Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability (PLUS) Committee. Here’s a review of how we did, and the top ten priorities for 2013:

Accomplishments for 2012:

Goal: to develop Transit Communities Policies and advance neighborhood plans. Accomplishment: Major progress in getting Sound Transit (ST) to commit to Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and in moving implementation forward on Capitol Hill, University District, Rainier Valley, and Roosevelt ST sites. Moved Othello and Beacon Hill Plan updates through Council, kept North Rainier, Rainier Beach, and Bitter Lake going, and started University District.

Goal: Advance Vision Duwamish and take advantage of Superfund cleanup to create jobs, amenities, environmental restoration and community vitality in the Duwamish valley. Accomplishment: Progress, but Superfund is painfully slow.

Goal: Create an Industrial Development District that will encourage new industrial jobs through coordinated development, regulatory flexibility, and complementary environmental infrastructure. Accomplishment: Done, with first projects scheduled for 2013!

Goal: Move Yesler Terrace redevelopment forward. Accomplishment: Done!

Goal: Develop coordination policies for Transfer of Development Rights, etc. and incentive zoning – implement new TDR program with King County. Accomplishment: Lots of progress, still lots of work to do in 2013.

Goal: Approve Regulatory Reform Package. Accomplishment: Done!

Goal: Approve Shoreline Management Program update. Accomplishment: Done on January 14, 2013.

Goal: Develop new tree regulations with emphasis on incentives and forests. Accomplishment: Reset paradigm, but lots of work to do in 2013.

Goal: Update energy code and green building policies. Accomplishment: Approved revisions to Living Building program, more to do in 2013.

Goal: Work on emergency preparedness and find way to get Unreinforced masonry buildings renovated to earthquake standards. Accomplishment: Work moved forward, continues in 2013.

Goals for 2013:

  1. Take Next Steps on Transit Communities Policies and Advance Neighborhood Plans
    1. Complete South Lake Union Rezone
    2. Complete work on Capitol Hill Sound Transit Development Agreement
    3. Adopt Neighborhood Plan Updates along with Urban Design Frameworks and/or Rezones in North Rainier, Greenwood, Broadview/Bitter Lake, Rainier Beach, and 23rd and Union/Jackson Neighborhood Planning areas
  2. Continue to advance Vision Duwamish and take advantage of Superfund cleanup to create jobs, amenities, environmental restoration and community vitality in the Duwamish valley, keep implementing Industrial Development District, implement Port Overlay District, and work on issues around Stadia and Georgetown
  3. Take major steps forward on coordinating policies for Transfer of Development Rights, etc. and incentive zoning, and implement new TDR program with King County
  4. Approve a comprehensive vision for Seattle’s urban forest and legislation to implement it
  5. Keep moving Sound Transit station development and develop Station Area Plans around the North Rainier Station and possible North 130th St Station
  6. Approve legislation for a regulatory and incentive program to bring Unreinforced Masonry buildings (URMS) to modern earthquake standards
  7. Revise the land use code to address new development issues and opportunities, including undersized Single Family lots, micro-unit apartment buildings, and updated neighborhood design guidelines
  8. Launch the major update of Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan, and ensure that it is well-integrated with our Climate Action Plan
  9. Ensure that the waterfront and downtown areas have the kind of zoning and urban design standards to keep improving communities including Pioneer Square, Little Saigon, Central Waterfront, and the Lost Triangle
  10. Endorse Neighborhood Plan update priorities for next two years and ensure that the University District Urban Center update moves forward, while working on new opportunities in areas such as Lake City and 12th Avenue
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