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The Nation magazine named me Most Valuable Local Official in their 2012 Progressive Honor Roll.

It’s a great honor to be included here, and I really appreciate their mentioning my sense of humor!

I’ve copied an excerpt from the article below.

Most Valuable Local Official: Nick Licata

When Local Progress, a network of progressive local elected officials, was organized in 2012, its members chose veteran Seattle City Councilman Nick Licata as chair. That made sense: Licata has practiced local politics since 1998 as a bold advocate of progressive populist ideas. He was a sponsor of Seattle’s innovative paid-sick-leave law, and he’s been in the forefront of fights to prevent corporations and wealthy sports team owners from gouging taxpayers. He pursues these tough battles with a sense of humor, once co-chairing a group called Citizens for More Important Things to oppose over-the-top demands from professional sports teams for new taxpayer-funded stadiums.