A sunny and auspicious welcome to 2013

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With Soho Wronsky in front of the beloved and famous Lincoln Tow Truck at the new MOHAI museum at South Lake Union.

On the first day of 2013, I joined many neighbors and Seattle visitors by taking a long walk in the glorious sunshine along Myrtle Edwards Park.

I got there on the new Thomas Street Bridge from Uptown and I am happy to say, it was packed! I loved seeing all the people out in regular street clothes, people with dogs, strollers, and most of all, incredulous smiling eyes, at the brilliance of the sun.

I ran into some friends just on the east side of the bridge, and there were many compliments to SDOT about the look and feel of the bridge and Roger Fernandez’s art work as a gateway to Uptown and Queen Anne.

I’ve also heard the bridge is beautifully and unobtrusively lit at night, although I have yet to see that.

I feel that Myrtle Edwards is well on its way to being “activated” – to becoming the North end of the waterfront park we’re dreaming of. It was so encouraging.

And what a gift the sunshine was, yesterday and today: I hope, an omen for the New Year.

Also, I went to MOHAI, the Museum of History and Industry, which opened last weekend in its new location at the Naval Reserve Armory that is built out over the water on South Lake Union. The new MOHAI is wonderful. 

Right now it’s hosting a temporary exhibit on Seattle in film (The Fabulous Baker Boys! Tugboat Annie!) so I suggest making a visit soon. First Thursday is free!

Here’s what the New York Times had to say about it on Saturday, with praise for the museum’s executive director, Leonard Garfield; its creative director, Ann Farrington; and its public historian, Lorraine McConaghy.

I can’t wait until it’s an easy stroll from Myrtle Edwards to MOHAI via the Lake-to-Bay Loop. I have such a good feeling about the new faces of the vibrant, connected, culturally and naturally rich Seattle that are starting to show.

Here’s a toast to Seattle and Seattlites for 2013. May the year be thriving, happy, and peaceful!