Council calls on Congress, President to avoid cuts to local services in fiscal cliff

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On Monday the Seattle City Council unanimously passed a resolution I sponsored calling on Congress and the President to adopt a balanced approach to avoiding the “fiscal cliff” set to impose across-the board cuts at the start of 2013.

The resolution calls for a balanced approach that allows the tax cut for the wealthiest 2 percent to expire at the end of 2012, upholds federal commitments, and prioritizes revitalization of the economy and job creation.

Licata said, “Automatic across-the-board cuts would directly affect the quality of life of Seattle residents, and shift costs onto states and cities. Today, we join Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York and others in opposing automatic cuts, and calling for the federal government to move toward shared prosperity, and uphold commitments to Social Security and other programs that underpin the health of our communities.”

The resolution, notes the sequestration of federally-funded programs would impact funding for critical housing, public safety, homeland security, environmental, education, public health, and transportation programs that directly affect the quality of life for all residents of Seattle.

The resolution notes that more than 22,000 homeless people and 132,000 very-low income families would impact the goal of providing safe, healthy communities.

The first round of automatic cuts, scheduled to arrive on January 2, would total $110 billion.

Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Cambridge, Hallendale Beach and Yonkers have passed similar resolutions.

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