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Convicted felons have the right to vote – and there’s still time to register in person

Today I learned about a lovely young woman who, years ago, was convicted of a felony.  She has since served her time and has been restored to her community.

King County Administration Building

What she didn’t know is that her right to vote has also been restored. Yes, she can still register and vote in THIS and future elections. So can others who have completed their prison term and completed whatever community supervision was required by the State’s Department of Corrections.

My new friend believed she lost the right to vote.  She has felt like a second-class citizen and has truly mourned the loss of being able to vote for our President, our Governor, our Attorney General and our local initiatives.

But thanks to a 2009 law championed by Sen. Jeannie Kohl-Welles, my new friend has automatically regained her right to vote.

If you know someone in a similar situation, you can tell them to do this:

Go in person to the King County Administration Building (500 4th Avenue, Room 311 Seattle, WA 98104), or to King County Elections Headquarters (919 SW Grady Way, Renton, WA 98057-2906).  

Take along photo ID and your social security number so you can fill out the form.  YES, YOU CAN –still vote!

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