Seattle City Council Introduction and Referral Calendar October 8, 2012

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Seattle City Council Introduction and Referral Calendar October 8, 2012

1. C.B. 117603

AN ORDINANCE related to land use and zoning, modifying function and locational criteria for the Seattle Mixed zone; modifying use provisions and development standards; enacting and amending affordable housing incentive programs; enacting and amending provisions for height and density bonuses and transfer of development rights; amending Sections 23.34.128, 23.41.012, 23.45.510, 23.45.516, 23.45.574, 23.47A.035, 23.48.002, 23.48.004, 23.48.010, 23.48.011, 23.48.012, 23.48.014, 23.48.017,23.48.020, 23.48.024, 23.48.026, 23.48.028, 23.48.030, 23.48.032, 23.48.034, 23.48.035, 23.48.036, 23.48.038, 23.49.008, 23.49.010, 23.49.011, 23.49.023, 23.50.026, 23.50.027, 23.50.028, 23.50.053, 23.57.005, 23.57.008, 23.57.012, 23.58A.002, 23.58A.004, 23.58A.012, 23.58A.014, 23.58A.022,23.58A.024, 23.58A.026, 23.66.032, 23.84A.030, 23.84A.032, 23.84A.038, 23.86.006; repealing Sections 23.48.006, 23.48.008, 23.48.016, 23.48.018, 23.48.019, 23.50.051, 23.50.052, 23.58A.013, 23.58A.016, 23.58A.018, 23.58A.023; adding new sections 23.48.008, 23.48.009, 23.48.013, 23.48.022, 23.48.025, 23.58A.003, 23.58A.040, 23.58A.042, and 23.58A.044; and amending the Official Land Use Map, Chapter 23.32, at pages 101 and 102 to rezone areas within the South Lake Union Urban Center.
Committee referral: Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability

2. C.B. 117606

AN ORDINANCE appropriating money to pay certain audited claims and ordering the payment thereof.
Committee referral: Full Council

3. C.B. 117607

AN ORDINANCE relating to a pedestrian skybridge over and across Minor Avenue, north of Marion Street, amending Ordinance 116091, as amended by Ordinances 118759, 121495, and 121855, updating the insurance and bond requirements, and amending the annual fee and other terms and conditions of the permit; renewing the term of the permit to Swedish Health Services; providing for the acceptance of the permit and conditions; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts.
Committee referral: Transportation

4. C.B. 117608

AN ORDINANCE relating to effective and constitutional policing, creating the Community Police Commission and establishing functions and prescribing duties consistent with the settlement agreement and memorandum of understanding entered into between the United States and the City of Seattle.
Committee referral: Public Safety, Civil Rights, and Technology

5. Res. 31413

A RESOLUTION providing an honorary designation of North 34th Street between Fremont Avenue North and Troll Avenue North as “JP Patches Place.”
Committee referral: Full Council for Introduction and Adoption

     BY Burgess
6. C.F. 312577

2013-2014 Proposed Budget.
Committee referral: Budget

     BY Burgess
7. C.F. 312578

2013-2018 Proposed Capital Improvement Program.
Committee referral: Budget

     BY Burgess
8. C.F. 312591

City Council Changes to the 2013-2014 Proposed Budget and the 2013-2018 Proposed Capital Improvement Program.
Committee referral: Budget