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The Neighborhood Street Fund Program pays for neighborhood transportation projects which are identified and prioritized by the community itself.

 The City of Seattle’s Neighborhood Street Fund program is now accepting applications for the third of three rounds of funding from the Bridging the Gap levy.

Up to $4.5 million will be spent on planning, designing and building projects selected from among those considered most important by Seattle’s Neighborhood District Councils.

Here’s what you might want to know about the NSF application process:

  1. SDOT will be attending the District Council meetings this October to introduce the program.   We strongly urge applicants attend one of these meetings and to work closely with their District Council to develop their proposals.
  2. SDOT will answer questions and can assist applicants with their proposals, but only if asked.  Please email
  3. We are taking applications on-line though a link on the program website (see below).
  4. All applications, and any supporting materials, are due December 17th, 2012.
  5. Each of Seattle’s 13 District Councils will pick three (3) applications in January (2013) for SDOT staff to evaluate further.
  6. After defining the scope and preparing rough cost estimates, SDOT staff will return each District Council’s three (3) proposed projects to them for ranking (in May 2013).
  7. In September 2013 the Bridging the Gap Oversight Committee will recommend to the Mayor and City Council which of the proposed projects to fund.
  8. Most projects will be designed in 2014 and built in 2015.

Please visit to access the link to the application form and to find other useful information, including a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ).

If you have any questions after reading through the website, please send them to