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Cheryl Chow 2-7-1994Cheryl Chow hasn't lost any of her spunk or passionate commitment to public policy. That became very clear this afternoon when the Council honored former Councilmember Chow for her many, many years of public service to the citizens of Seattle.

Cheryl has served the people of Seattle as a coach, school teacher, principal, school board member, drill team master and City Councilmember. Now, as she battles cancer, Cheryl has identified her "last crusade" as advocating for gay rights and dignity.

As she took the portable microphone from the Clerk, Cheryl turned her back on today's Council and spoke directly to the audience. Tears welled up in my eyes as Cheryl told a poignant story about the time her mother, former Seattle restaurateur Ruby Chow, told her for the first time that she loved her. Cheryl used the story to make her point that everyone deserved to be loved, especially gay and lesbian young people who are often rejected and ridiculed, sometimes by their own families. Her plea focused on young people who feel suicide is their only "escape" from the rejection they experience. Cheryl Chow—still fighting for the basics, especially for those most in need of special protections.

God bless you, Councilmember Chow.