Legislation approved August 13, 2012, and filed with the City Clerk

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PDF copies of the signed legislation are available in the database records linked below:

Ord. 123951
C.B. 117537

AN ORDINANCE relating to Seattle Public Utilities; authorizing the granting of nonexclusive easement rights to Puget Sound Energy and King County for access along and across portions of the City of Seattle’s fee-owned property in Section 29, Township 24 North, Range 4 East, W.M., in King County, Washington.

Ord. 123952
C.B. 117545

AN ORDINANCE related to Seattle Public Utilities; authorizing the Director of Seattle Public Utilities to accept specified loans from non-City sources and to execute, deliver, and perform corresponding agreements; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts.

Ord. 123953
C.B. 117547

AN ORDINANCE appropriating money to pay certain audited claims and ordering the payment thereof.

Res. 31396

A RESOLUTION identifying proposed Comprehensive Plan amendments to be considered for possible adoption in 2013 and requesting that the Department of Planning & Development and the Seattle Planning Commission review and make recommendations about the amendments.

Res. 31399

A RESOLUTION relating to the Central Waterfront Concept Design and Framework Plan and the Central Waterfront Committee’s Strategic Plan and recommendations; and addressing the funding plan for the Waterfront Improvement Program including the formation of a local improvement district, partnerships with the Pike Place Market and Seattle Aquarium, formation of a Friends of the Seattle Waterfront non-profit organization, and initial steps for implementation.

Res. 31402

A RESOLUTION relating to the Comprehensive Plan; amending the criteria by which proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan are selected for analysis and possible adoption, and repealing versions of the criteria adopted in Resolutions 30662, 30766, 30860, 30976, 31049, 31117, 31146, 31233 and 31313.

Res. 31405

A RESOLUTION of intention to hold a public hearing relating to changing the assessment rates for the University District Parking and Business Improvement Area.